Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tattoo appointment with you?
Books are currently closed until further notice. Sorry!

Do you only tattoo "Spooky Ladies"?
Right now I am trying to focus on honing in a particular style and aesthetic for my portfolio. I'm open to collaborating on subject matter with my clients, but in terms of booking priorities, portraiture/folklore-based imagery would be first.

Which shop do you work at?
I work out of a private studio in Toronto, ON. I do not give out the address unless you have an appointment.

How far are you booked right now?
I am currently not taking any new clients, but I generally book out 2-3 months at a time. The easiest way to keep updated on my books re-opening is to follow my Instagram for any news.

Do you have a cancellation list?
Yes and no. When openings occur, I give priority to clients with existing projects that have yet to be completed. I only contact clients to start new pieces if a deposit has been placed and if I have enough time to design the tattoo. 

How often do cancellations occur?
Cancellations are fairly unpredictable, but any openings that can't be filled by existing projects are announced on my Instagram.

Are you going to be at [insert city/convention] this year?
Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates.

Do you do commissions anymore?
No, I do not accept commissions or freelance jobs.

So does that mean you won't draw up a design for me so I can get it tattooed somewhere else?
No, because that's not how that works. 

I have an appointment booked already. When can I expect a sketch?
I do not send out drawings or sketches, I send out Photoshopped composites. If you have already booked in with a deposit, a presentation will be scheduled with you 4-7 days prior to your appointment. If you're able to make it in person, then we will discuss the design together and size it out in order to expedite the process when you come in for your session. If not, it will be emailed to you instead so that we can correspond that way.

How come you don't do sketches for realism pieces?
The simple answer is that it'll look more realistic if it's referenced from an actual photograph. So as a policy, for realism tattoos I don't do sketches beforehand.

Do you do cover-ups?
I prefer not to. Small ones are possible, but I don't do very complicated cover-ups. Feel free to email me a photo of your existing tattoo, but I usually recommend laser removal for most cover-up situations.